Integrated Management Consultant Services



In these challenging times, we at Marg believe Learning should not be paused. Introducing Virtual Instructor-Led Training Sessions for Bite-Sized Learning (Learn small but learn well) to enhance work efficiency.

FUTURE-OF-WORK: remote working and management is relevant now more than ever. This is here to stay . Understanding the needs of the hour as well as future , we are offering our leadership training in virtual mode “live” with an instructor to make it most effective with all relevant topics which will help you take your organization to the next level.

Duration: 3-4 hours

Preferred Batch size ~10-12

Management Excellence

With over 140 different programs covering multiple aspects of management. Andragogy is well poised to create transformational change that empowers management excellence.

Leadership Excellence

Our leadership programs are designed to transform people at the fundamental level so that they can be better change agents.

Digital Learning

Andragogy Digital Lab is a solution that delivers training efficiency with minimal intervention and overheads, a win-win for every organization

Communication Excellence

An organization that communicates effectively is one that precludes inefficiency. Our communication excellence programs are designed to achieve just that.

Programs For BPOs

Custom created to address the specific needs of BPOs, our programs have been designed to allow BPOs to become more adaptive and nimble in addressing customer needs